Bidfreight Port Operations was formed in 2004 as a result of the merger of two of South Africa’s leading portside companies, Rennies Cargo Terminals and South African Stevedores, companies that previously existed independently within the Bidvest stable. This merger enabled BPO to become an organisation that is, in unity, greater than its component parts.

Rennies Cargo Terminals built a formidable reputation as a world-class warehousing company, and was the national benchmark in the handling of steel and forest products, with ancillary services that included port breakbulk, container transport, bonded warehousing and container parks.

South African Stevedores was South Africa’s largest stevedoring service, and the only one operating in all six of South Africa’s major ports. SAS brought specialisation in the stevedoring of commodities from standard breakbulk cargo through to containers and cars to BPO.

As sister companies, RCT and SAS worked in close synergy, which soon evolved their own operating efficiencies and improved loading and discharge rates. Further synergies were explored at management level, resulting in a decision to merge the two entities into a single company capable of offering a complete port operations solution to any customer importing or exporting into southern Africa.