Skills Development

Staff development is key to our success, and the company has several learnerships and training initiatives in place. Significant investment is focussed on developing skills of our previously disadvantaged employees.

In line with the Skills Development Act, learnership programmes were introduced in 1998, whereby learners’ performance is assessed against standards registered on the National Qualifications Framework.

On completion of a set of standards, learners are awarded the relevant qualification. We follow the standards set by the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA), of which BPO is an accredited provider, and have developed a series of training manuals that address the requirements related to forklifts, overhead gantry cranes; ship’s lifting appliances and various heavy motor vehicles.

The company is committed to creating a workplace in which individuals who display ability and initiative are given clear opportunities to develop worthwhile careers at all levels regardless of background, race or gender.

A bursary scheme is offered to the children of Bidvest employees who are in grades 1 to 12 or are undertaking tertiary studies. On average about twenty children of BPO employees are awarded bursaries every year. This enables the children to enjoy free schooling, books and uniforms up and until they reach grade 12 and to pursue a tertiary qualification of their choosing.