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BPO have made a commitment to B-BBEE as a central tenet of business strategy and invests heavily in skills development, employment equity and Corporate Social Investment (CSI). It is firmly embedded in our policies that BPO subscribes to a procurement selection criterion which gives preference to local businesses who may have been historically marginalised.  By supporting these businesses BPO is actively working to promote social and economic transformation in South Africa. BPO’s CSI endeavours centre around assisting schools and early learning centres in rural areas as well as supporting disadvantaged children to bring about change in the quality of life for individuals and communities in need.

To ensure compliance with the criteria as set out by the Department of Trade and Industry Codes of Good Practice, BPO is rated by Empowerdex and has achieved a rating of a Level 1 AAA+ value adding supplier, which is the highest level any South African company can achieve. This means your procurement recognition level is 135% making a positive impact to your business.

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