Safety Health Environment Risk and Quality

Ensuring Safety Comes First

Bidfreight Port Operations is firmly committed to the safety of their people and ensuring a quality service when handling customer’s cargo. To this end BPO’s divisions run safety and quality management systems on a decentralised basis i.e. each division is responsible for implementing and maintaining their own safety and quality management systems, as this ensures ownership. BPO employs personnel to manage the safety, health and environmental (SHE) risks as well as to monitor the quality aspects of each operation.

Health and Safety

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees. Port operations, particularly stevedoring, are notoriously dangerous activities and we have made progressively greater efforts to improve safety.

One of these efforts, dubbed the “Du Pont Initiative”, involved the contracting of the services of Du Pont Safety Resources, possibly the most respected safety consulting organisation in the world. Du Pont recommended a behavioural rather than a purely systems driven approach to safety and the current program that is followed by BPO is derived from the recommendations that followed their evaluation. These include:

• demonstrating visible leadership
• the implementation of more effective safety policies
• an increased focus on safety training
• regular and intensive safety communication across all levels of the company
• more effective audits
• improved injury and incident investigation and dissemination

BPO makes use of the NOSA safety management systems. Each operation runs the version of the NOSA system that best suits their needs. In addition, BPO engages in a program of internal auditing whereby different branches of the organisation undertake “cross audits” of each other.

Health professionals, both external and internal, are employed by BPO to provide occupational health support to the operations. Primary health care services include HIV / Aids testing and counselling; the free supply of anti-retrovirals on a confidential basis; and annual medical check-ups for all employees.


BPO continuously strives to provide the best possible service to customers and are flexible in adapting to changing customer needs and requirements. Professional quality management systems including ISO 9001 have been put into practice. In addition, quality manuals detailing operational standards are created for all products handled and all employees are continually trained on these standards.


BPO strives to minimise the impact of operations on the environment; NOSA’s environmental best-practices are strictly adhered to and operations comply with all of TNPA’s environmental standards. In addition, in cases where operations pose a significant environmental risk, professional environmental management programs such as ISO 14001 have been implemented.